Animal Friend Pics!

Welcome to our page of
Animal Friends!

Some of these “friends’ are my own, others I know firsthand, & still others I have yet to have had the pleasure to meet. Either way, they’re all loved & are extremely special in their own unique way.

I believe all creatures, both great & small, should be treated with the utmost respect & caring & this little section of our site is our way of honoring these beloved angels.

To submit your own photo.
scroll down for more info.

Thank you to everyone visiting & also to all that have allowed us to share their pictures.  Enjoy!

“Silas” (the very LARGE puppy!)
who’s one of our beloved
German Shepherds!

“Samara” one of our other
German Shepherds!

Another beloved Shepherd of ours,
who has since sadly passed.

Lisa Bono’s boy.

“Emma Lynn”
Lisa Bono’s little girl

“Sampson Bell’
Lisa Bono’s boy,
who has since sadly passed.

Rocky the Witch”
Elaines boy.

Rocky as a Ghost”
Elaines boy.

Ready for Samhain.
Kimm S, Peanut’s mom.

To Submit A Photo.

If you have your own little “angel”, who was either photographed in a fantasy costume or morphed in fantasy garb using software, that you’d like to have included on our site, send an email to: [email protected]

Include a picture file; (72 dpi, approx. 350 x 350 pixel size, jpg extension).

Also include your name as you would like it to appear, example: “Rover’s Mom”, “Jane Smith” etc.

PLEASE NOTE: At our discretion, any photos which show an animal that may have been in duress or put in harms way during the taking of the photo, will NOT be included. Thank you for understanding our concerns of this nature.