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Hi everyone! I want to thank you for taking the time out to visit our site & also for your support. We love to hear from you!

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Rowan M13 Monday August 28, 2017
We just received our candles which are lovely. Thank you for packing them so well. We'll be reordering from you again before the holidays.
From: Proprietor of Crystals and Visons
Kat Seafeld Thursday June 8, 2017
Love the jewelry! Great site.
From: NH
Krystal Friday August 21, 2015
Love your artwork! Love your candles! Customer service was awesome. I'll be ordering again!
From: New Hope, PA
Marisa D. Tuesday October 2, 2012
We received our order for your wonderful Reference Charts less than 2 weeks ago and have almost sold out of the Crystals one! You can bet that we will be ordering alot more very soon. Thank you for your great service and wonderful products. Blessed Be.
From: MA
Nicole from Dora's Aura Tuesday June 28, 2011
I really love your site, and your work. Do you have a facebook page yet? Blessed Be.


Lori Tuesday June 28, 2011
Hi Nicole,
Thank you for the kind words. To answer your question, yes, I've finally added a Facebook page. You can visit it at: I hope to see you there!
A.B. Wednesday May 11, 2011
I received my note cards and just wanted you to know that I love them! Thanks so much!
From: Washington
Miranda Tuesday November 23, 2010
The order arrived, and I cound not be more pleased. I have purchased items from you before...bags, candle, a t-shirt...and have always been delighted with the items, as I am this time. In fact, I'm ordering another couple of bags today to add to the Yule gifts I'll be giving this year. Thank you for sharing your lovely visions, always beautifully executed, and at affordable prices.
From: Arizona
Richard & Mary W. Monday August 31, 2009
We're very pleased with our order. They're beautiful! Keep up the good work.
From: San Diego, CA
Kerry Morgan Saturday August 22, 2009
The Fairy Rose is one of the most exquisite works I have ever laid my eyes on! I have to know if you will be selling a print of that... how much it would be... and what the size of said print would be because I am IN LOVE with that Faery painting! I just can't say enough about how glorious this piece is! Prettiest Faery I have ever seen!
From: Owner of Pagan Imagination
Dinah Morgan Thursday July 16, 2009
Hi Lori,
We just received our order and it's perfect! Thank you for shipping it so quickly and for keeping it hush hush until the day of the surprise! We look forward to ordering more from you in the future.
From: AZ
Linda Harriman Thursday July 16, 2009
Your artwork is truly beautiful!
Love your site.
From: Norwood, PA
Elaine Monday March 30, 2009
It is so beautiful. I would just be gazing out that window all day!! I have seen your artwork and it is awesome. It makes me want to learn to draw and paint. You are truly an inspiration and a great person.
From: New York
Randy Ward Tuesday March 10, 2009
Hey Lori, congrats from one spiritual person to another. Your site looks fantastic. We're having fun promoting Hey Doc! Does Speling Count? There are actually some pretty good sales so far through and Barnes & I absolutely love your cover artwork. I'm putting final touches on the 2nd Bush satire - should be the next one to be published. Thanks for all your wonderful illustrations - they make these books "come alive." I may need some cool band logos designed for me in the near future - would you be interested?
From: United States
Sharon Schlossenberg Thursday March 5, 2009
Hi Lori! Checking in, I love your work!
From: Maryland
Bob Guida Tuesday March 3, 2009
I'm very proud of you and impressed by your work output, my old friend! Perhaps most importantly, you and Steve hold to your standards and values. In the words of a Hobokenite before my time, you do it "Your Way"!
From: Hoboken, New Jersey
oppograni Thursday February 19, 2009
Coool site, greate design!
From: Papua New Guinea
Barbara Tuesday February 17, 2009
Your new website is beautiful!
You are so gifted!!
I recently placed an order and the site is easy to navigate from beginning to end.
I wish you every blessing and luck with your site.
Brightest Blessings,
From: Kentucky
Witchy Wearables Tuesday February 17, 2009
Your new website is BEAUTIFUL! Good luck with it!
From: IL
Brenda Friday February 13, 2009
Beautiful artwork, beautiful site.
From: CT
Lynn Tuesday February 10, 2009
Hi Lori! The new site looks awesome. I wish you the best of luck with it. Love ya!

From: New York
DAWN OROURKE Thursday February 5, 2009
Great job on the new site,luv it!Can't wait to shop some more!Everything looks so good I want it all lol.We wish you all the best and we'll see you soon.
Dawn n Kenny
From: NJ
Fern Roy Thursday February 5, 2009
Hi Lori I really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful art work. I am glad things are going good for you. Your Mom would be so proud of you. Love you.
From: Msla, MT
Dorothy/Einanna Tuesday February 3, 2009
My girlfriend...what a beautiful site, diggin the colors. As soon as I get myself resituated financially, I'm gunna have to shop.
I love you guys....always.
And of course you know, I miss you.
From: NYC
Cindy Ennis Tuesday February 3, 2009
I bought some cards from you awhile ago from your old site and was very happy with them. I love your work!
I’ll be placing another order shortly. Looking forward to seeing your new stuff!
Cindy Ennis
From: AZ
Joy & Gino Tuesday February 3, 2009
Nice paintings! Great job you did on your site! Best of luck.
From: PA
Elaine Monday February 2, 2009
Love it Lori! It really is a work of art. I love the colors too and it is just so magical. Can't wait to browse through everyting. Best of luck Always! Elaine
From: Cookstown, NJ
Sally Goodman Saturday January 31, 2009
Lori, Thank you so much for all your help on navigating your site and catalogs! I love it and will be a customer of yours for a long time to come! It's great that you take such an active part and truely care about each of your customers Not just as a potential customer either!
Brightest Blessings,
From: Gurnee, Illinois
Terri Friday January 30, 2009
Hey Lori,
Awesome sight. The design is fabulous. Loved the tour. Inspiration will come easy with the beautiful surrounding scenery. Best of Luck, Terri & Jim
From: Saddle Brook, N.J.
Bill Friday January 30, 2009
Your new site is beautiful. I know a potential customer who loves mystical art and mermaids—she happens to live with me as well.
Dawn Shinysun's Cross Stitching Thursday January 29, 2009
Lori, you have done a fantastic job on your website! The cross stitch patterns look wonderful and I hope they sell very well. I am sooooo proud of you. I love the new website, very you!
From: Ohio
Carol Green Vonah Thursday January 29, 2009
Just saw your new website and I want to congratulate you. When I have more time, i will check out each category. Glad you finally have what you were searching for.Take care,
Shannon Mayfield Wednesday January 28, 2009
The Sabbat cards and notecards are awesome. Please keep making them. I like the variety.
From: USA
Lisa B Wednesday January 28, 2009
Wonderful site and a wonderful artist!
From: NJ
Cindy Enig Wednesday January 28, 2009
The new site looks terrific! Can't wait to see what's next!
From: Pennsylvania
Deserie Wednesday January 28, 2009
Congrats on your website,
hope it works out well for you,
Happy Year of the Ox
From: New Jersey
brian reynolds Wednesday January 28, 2009
Hey Lori, how the heck are you? If I ever had info on you, I lost it. Hope all is well on "The Mountain". Did my cabin burn down or collapse yet? Haven't been up there all last year!! Hope your site is a great success. Love, Brian R.frozen pieces
Steve Wednesday January 28, 2009
You really did a fantastic job designing this site! As you know, I stand behind you in all your endeavors. I love you! You're a great Wife and my Best Friend. I've known you from the Past, through Today, until Tomorrow & then some!
From: Our house! >
Gen Wednesday January 28, 2009
Cool website! Good job!
From: NJ

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