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Aromatherapy: Make Your Own Gifts by Kimberli Kai

Aromatherapy: Make Your Own Gifts by Kimberli Kai

 Gift giving is always right around the corner and aromatherapy gifts are a hot item.  When you give a gift that is enhanced by aromatherapy, you give more than just a gift.  It is something that will rejuvenate the spirit of the recipient for a long time to come.  

So what to look for when buying aromatherapy?  I ALWAYS look at the label.  If I can not pronounce most of  the ingredients, then I  will not purchase that item.  I seek out items that are handmade, where someone took the time to make them with love and care and good ingredients. 

First you must consider the product base.  Many products call themselves natural, but when you educate yourself, you will be able to determine the difference between the real thing and the so called’s.  My favorite products made with a grapeseed oil base.  Grapeseed oil is known to be high in anti-oxidants and a light oil good for use on the skin. Did I mention grapeseed oil is hands down my favorite…did I make my point?  Some people use it for cooking as well.  There are other good base oils, almond oil,  which is a little heavier on the skin than grapeseed oil, but has a very pleasant aroma.  There is also peanut oil that Edgar Cayce recommended for joint problems and poor circulation.  Peanut oil is also heavier than grapeseed oil, but an excellent choice for mature skin.  Then there is castor oil, which several of my elderly clients swear by for relieving pain.  According to the Heritage Store out of Virginia Beach, Doctors at the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona use castor oil for virtually every aspect of health. Edgar Cayce recommended castor oil packs over the liver in 545 readings to benefit the liver and digestive system. Healers from many ancient cultures have used castor oil for over 3000 years. In fact in old herbal texts, it is called "Palma Christi," Latin for the palm of Christ.  And another good option is sesame seed oil, it is lighter than grapeseed and is an excellent option for people with hypoallergenic concerns.

Many oils call themselves aromatherapy, but are nothing more than perfume oils.  True essential oils come from plants that grow in the ground, not plants that manufacture synthetic scents.  True essential oils are known to be highly volatile, which means that they are not stable in heat.  That is not appealing to those who mass produce scented products.  So now that you know what to look for, lets get to the fun stuff!

These are oils that I believe should be in every home.  They have wonderful everyday uses to help balance the mind and the spirit.

Lavender Oil:  According to the Heritage store, Lavender is known to increase the alpha brain waves associated with states of relaxation and meditation. Add to bathwater for a relaxing soak. Spray on tissues and place with bed linens and lingerie.  Lavender is universally known as the oil of beauty and may have exceptional qualities for hair and skin use.  It is rumored that Cleopatra swore by her Lavender oil.

Peppermint Oil:  I use many oils in my clinic, this is by far the most popular oil.  I use 3 to 4 times more peppermint than any other oil I have, and I have a few.  Traditionally, peppermint is known to help with fevers, headaches, muscle tension and fatigue.  Adding a few drops of this oil to a foot lotion can give a nice tingling sensation that helps to pep up tired feet.  This is an oil that I would use caution if applied directly to the skin.   I usually dilute it 6 drops of essential oil  to 2 ounces of base oil.  This is an oil that has a wonderful aroma when used in a diffuser.

Sweet  Orange Oil  Sweet orange is in the heart of many aromatherapy blends.   It is believed to be calming to the mind and the nerves.  Give me a double shot!! Orange makes an excellent body moisturizer, and a few drops added to a facial wash or shower gel can encourage radiant, younger looking skin.  Orange oil can be effective to the immune system for colds and flu and can help eliminate toxins, and as a diuretic it is useful for water retention and obesity.  

Last month I discussed the wonderful oils Sweet Orange, Peppermint, and Lavender.  Have you purchased yours yet?  What are you waiting for?  When I started “collecting” essential oils, it was a slow start to say the least.  My first oil to purchase was peppermint.  Oh how I loved it!  I used it for everything!  So which one will you start with?  My advice on essential oils is simple, if you smell the oil, and are drawn to, then get it.  If you are not drawn to the smell, then it simply is not for you right now.  Our bodies have a natural intelligence.  When we stop and listen to what our body is telling us, we tend to make wiser choices.  So buy one or two bottles of what you are attracted to the most.  Then, later, buy some more.  And over time, you may have a collection as large as mine.  I currently keep 40 plus oils in stock.  What I need is always right there.  I just replace them as the bottles empty.  What an annoying habit those bottle have!
Every now and again, when there is extra fundage, I purchase a new oil and add it to “the collection.”  And that is exactly how you can do it, too.

Jasmine-  Jasmine has a very rich floral fragrance.  This is an oil you are either strongly attracted to, or repelled by.  I have yet to see any in-betweens.  This is an oil that has been used by aromatherapist to help with many female complaints, such as, cramps, labor pains, uterine disorders and to increase sensuality.  Jasmine has also been known to help with complaints pertaining to the nervous system, anger, headaches, insomnia, depression, worry, stress and muscular tension.

Patchouli – Well everyone who knows about Woodstock knows that patchouli is the hippie oil.  Why did they choose this oil above all others?
This oil comes from Indonesia and has a very sensual, earthy smell about it.  There are qualities of patchouli that help to repel insects naturally.
I know the Native American belief about patchouli is that it brings luck, money and fertility.  Well, that sounds more like establishment thinking than a hippie frame of mind.  For skin care, patchouli is the cats meow.  It is reputed to be a cell rejuvenator, great for acne, inflamed, cracked or mature skin and wrinkles.  A note about patchouli oil, it improves with age.

Spearmint-  The ancient Greeks used it to scent their bath water.  This is an oil that comes from the USA!  I have yet to find anyone who does not like, well love, spearmint. It smells minty and sweet.  It has uplifting qualities for the mind and spirit.  It is also known to help with obesity and fluid retention. In medieval times it was used for gums and to whiten teeth.  The sweet quality is supposed to help relieve tension, anger and aggression.  Back the truck up to my house on this oil.  It is defiantly one of my favorites.

Frankincense-  In ancient times, this oil was revered as highly as gold.  It comes from Africa. It has a spicy aroma.  From ancient times until present day, frankincense has heavy religious connotations.  We all know it was one of the gifts to the Baby Jesus.  That alone should tell you the significance of this oil.  In ancient times, it was believed that this oil was able to banish evil spirits.  The list for the believed healing effects for this oil are too long to mention in this article.  Let’s just say it has MANY alternative healing qualities.  I highly recommend this oil.

BERGAMOT-  This oil is native to Morocco.  It has a sweet somewhat fruity scent.  Bergamot is responsible for the distinctive flavor of Earl Grey Tea.  This oil is known to encourage peaceful sleep, promote happiness, refresh and relax the user.


This article was written by Kimberli Ridgeway who invites you to enjoy Peace Meditations.  This is a beginning level meditation.  Please join the group to be alerted of upcoming meditations or to share with other group members. Thank you for joining. Come listen for free at: You can listen to the live podcast or download and listen at your perfect time! Relax, and take a deep breathe. Please send comments to

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